Spray painting

“As mentioned before, we provide many types of objects with a durable protection layer by spray painting them in our special equipped spray booths.”

Constructions and Machines

This kind of objects concerns containers, machines and construction parts. All of these objects can be spay painted in any color our client wants. The color of these objects is tailor-made.

Hydraulic and pneumatic parts

Parts like cylinders, and manual controled elements which cannot be powder coated. Therefore we can use the proper painting technique on request of our client.


Painting for the offshore industry requires a solid craftsmanship. Different applications, paint systems and surfaces, that there is a wide choice in possibilities and then comes our experience. The harsh weather demands quality work and that we deliver. Parts for ships including tankers, oil rigs, but also for waste water treatment plants, we can provide an excellent coating thanks to our more than 30 years of experience, which we have built together with our customers.

Auto Moto industry

The automotive industry is a special industry and requires a high and constant quality, correct that is our priority. The thinking along with the customer is particularly appreciated and provides loyalty and trust. Cost monitoring and quality control are a must. Also in this branch of industry-squirting we have our track record and we have a good cooperation with our customers, but also with our suppliers.